Start a Club

Starting a Ladies Activity Club is easy and rewarding! All it takes is a few enthusiastic friends and a little courage. Here are the three basic steps to getting your own LAC club going:
  1. Plan
    Find someone to be a co-founder with you. Ideally, this is someone with a different set of friends. I started the San Francisco Ladies Activity Club with my sister. Between the two of you, find six or more enthusiastic women to invite. You should host the first party, your co-founder should host the second and you should should line up a few more hostesses to get things rolling.

    As for rules, there aren't many. I recommend that hostesses try to keep their costs below $5 a guest. And we usually avoid activities where people have to shell out a lot of their own money. We've done wine tasting, pumpkin carving, bowling, board games, painting, charity, poker lessons, etc. No hostess gifts allowed and no dues. The parties should be on the same day of the week at the same time (we meet Tuesday at 7:00) each month for consistency.

  2. Launch
    Host your first party! Explain the concept to your guests. Encourage them to bring guests to the next party and sign up to host in the future. Enjoy! A lot of the hard work is done.

  3. Grow
    Keep inviting new people to join and encouraging people to bring their friends! There is a bit of organization involved in keeping the club going. I recommend managing your rsvp's with evite or pingg and using a spreadsheet to keep track of your hosts. Line up a new hostess as soon the last month's party has passed. Momentum is key!
Each time a new person hosts their first party, have a mini round of applause at the end for them becoming a "full member" of the club. It's kind of cheesy, but nice. When you get to one year, have a big party to celebrate!

There will be months that are harder to get together than others, but it's always worth it in the end. The parties are so much fun and it is such a great way to meet new people. If you start a LAC club in your area, let me know. I want to hear all about it!
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